We demand

  1. that the Government declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency, and that henceforth both politicians and the media fulfil their obligation to communicate the need for rapid, transformative change, and to invite society to engage with its responsibilities.
  2. that the Government enacts a comprehensive, legally-binding National Climate Plan which cuts carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 and initiates the transition to a post-growth economy fit to address the systemic problems that contribute to social and environmental degradation.
  3. a National Citizens’ Assembly, through which citizens take ownership of a just and equitable transition and our communities are equipped with the power and resources necessary to adapt to systemic and ecological transformation.
Extinction Rebellion Belgium at Pas de loi climat? Geen Wetstraat! on Sunday 27th January 2019
Members of Extinction Rebellion Belgium
Extinction Rebellion Belgium at the Rise For Climate march in Brussels on Sunday 27th January 2019
Feb 19

Brussels Declaration

On Tuesday 19th February Extinction Rebellion sounded the alarm at the Climate Change and Oceans Preservation conference in Brussels with a message for attendees including Prime Minister Charles Michel and Federal Minister for Environment Marie-Christine Marghem:

We are no longer fooled. Declarations of good will are insufficient. Rhetoric will not avert catastrophe: we must take action. Declare Climate Emergency now!

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Climate change = mass murder